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About Our Pricing

Due to the nature of web site design, the cost varies with the complexity of the design and how many extras the client might want included in the design such as:

  • slideshows
  • programming for opt in boxes
  • programming for cgi forms on the
    contact page
  • popups
  • special graphics
  • creating .pdf documents downloadable
    from the website.
  • creating mp3 flash player
  • shadowing or feathering photos
  • installing video or audio - streaming
  • creating flash banners
  • creating youtube videos that link back to the site.
  • adding a shopping cart
  • and many other additions that may
    be desired

Wordpress Customization

The charge is 90.00 per page for wordpress customized pages. These type of sites can be updated by the client, once the customization is completed. Please feel free to contact me via email or phone if you have questions.

I strive to give a very competitive price, always. My per hour rate is 60.00 per hour for other work that I may be asked to do on your website.

-- Unlike many companies who choose
to charge a monthly maintenance fee whether there are updates or not, there would never be a charge for anything other than actual work done on the client's website, with Vine Web Design.--



After the client has dicussed the desired number of pages and what is to be accomplished through the site, the designer will create a written estimate and a work contract. This will be emailed to the client and if acceptable, the client & designer will sign it with both parties having a copy of the agreement. Included will be expected date of completion and what will be needed from the client in the way of photos and information.

1/2 of the agreed upon price for a design project will be due as a down payment before the designer begins the project. Upon completion of the project and before the site is open to the public the remaining 1/2 of the payment will be due.

Additions to the site design or content after the initial estimate will incur additional charge based on the additional time taken for any post contract additions.

The site will be linked for public viewing after the final payment is made.

The aim is to strive to please the customer and meet or exceed client expectations.


PayPal, Credit or Debit Card
Personal check (must clear before work begins in the case of down payment and before site is opened in the case of last initial site work payment)
Cashier's Check or Money Order


If there are any questions that you'd like to discuss, please feel free to call me (662)237-6251 or EMAIL.
Your questions will be answered
courteously and to the best of
my ability.

  • I reserve the right to refuse to do business with anyone desiring a website design that is out of sync with my personal, moral, and/or ethical values as a follower of Jesus Christ..


Thank you for taking the time to consider Vine Web Design.
John 15:5


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